Pineapple is an open source project whose goal it is to create a free tool for prototyping and provisioning of web applications and platforms.

Pineapple can help you with:

  • Automated installation of Fusion Middleware software:
    • Installation of the Oracle and JRockit JVM.
    • Installation of the WebLogic server, WebCenter and ADF.
  • Automated configuration of Fusion Middleware software:
    • Configuration the Oracle and JRockit JVM.
    • Creation of WebLogic Domains. Update and deletion of the configuration of a WebLogic Domain.
    • Installation of WebLogic NodeManager.
  • Automated test of Fusion Middleware software:
    • Test the installation of the JRockit JVM, WebLogic server and the configuration in a WebLogic Domain.
  • Automated deployment of application in WebLogic domains:
    • Deployment and undeployment of applications in a WebLogic Domain.
  • Automated deployment of Docker images:
    • Creation and deletion of a Docker image.
    • Creation of a Docker image from a Dockerfile.
    • Creation and deletion of a Docker container.
    • Control of Docker containers.
  • Automated test of infrastructure:
    • Test of DNS entry definitions, port scans, layout of FTP-sites.
    • Test of load-balancing and stickyness of HTTP-sessions.
    • SSH based test of settings of accessed hosts.


Follow the Installation guide to download or build Pineapple. Then go to the User guide page to get started.

Visit the blogs for up to date information

The Pineapple Tool Blog is continuously updated with information regarding current development activities and examples.

Visit the Pineapple Exception Trail Blog for a list of known issues which can be encountered while using Pineapple.

How to participate

Help is wanted on this project so please participate! Please Send an email to Allan Andersen at: einheriii@gmail.com to get started.

Version Information

Version 1.8.0 (Current release)

Release Notes for version 1.8.0.

Development documentation

Go to the Technical documentation for information about the architecture, design and implementation of the project.